Going Mobile

My maiden blog post! So excited.

I had heard murmurings about the new city website but when it went public I was riding shotgun on Interstate 75 from Miami to Decatur. Angry Birds is challenging in a moving car so I checked out the new Visit Decatur site from my phone. Extra Decatur goodness: there’s a mobile version which popped up on my tiny screen. Very thoughtful, designers. Thank you. The streamlined presentation is easy on the eyes and all of the great information is at hand. Much of the graphic content–pictures–are stripped away so the download is fast and and the content headers all fit nicely on the screen. You can switch easily back and forth from the mobile version to the full site.

Visit Decatur Mobile will be great for residents and especially handy for visitors. Hmmm…what’s going on this weekend? (tap) A festival? (tap) Where should I dine afterwards? (tap) Maybe I should book a room right now. (tap) Nice. Check it and go mobile. As we merged onto I-20 I almost wished that I was heading to Decatur for the first time.

(One perplexing question: how do you pronounce “mobile”? Do you say it like Exxon-Mobil? Or like the British, with a long “i”? It might be fun to start pronouncing it like Mobile, Alabama.)

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