Footsteps at the Decatur Library

Lately, I’ve immersed myself in the history of small towns, studying the way communities take on their personalities, how they grow or shrink. Decatur’s low-profile landscape is dotted with buildings that represent false starts–directions the city thought it was heading in, only to reverse course. They are proof that the little gem we live in now was not accidental nor inevitable, but came about because of the spirit and the vision of our neighbors, the elders here in town that set us on this path.

What does that spirit look like? Well, here’s you chance to find out. 

Footsteps is a new documentary about the elders of the Oakhurst community, and for me it’s a reminder of the breadth of our community, and the work that has gone into making Decatur.

It spools up over at the Decatur Library on Saturday, Feb. 26th, at 1pm. The film maker, Dany Nieves, will be on hand to open the screening with a short talk and q&a.

Hope to see you there.


About darenwang

Daren Wang has swept the floors in his father's restaurant (like John Boehner), discovered he had a long-lost sibling as an adult (like Oprah), grew up in a barn (like every other person without manners) and can tell you the catalog numbers for his favorite albums, but only in vinyl form. He is a co-founder of the AJC-Decatur Book Festival and author of The Hidden Light of Northern Fires.
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