We Heart Local Shopping

One of the main reasons Lauren and I started our blog was to show off Atlanta and write about things we love: style, shopping, decorating, clothes etc. We also love discovering new local boutiques around town and because Decatur is our home, we end up doing most of our shopping here.

Shopping at Rockit Boutique

It wasn’t until I took a look back through our blog that I realized our two favorite Atlanta-area boutiques are right in the heart of Decatur: Rockit and Squash Blossom.

Rockit, located right by the entrance to MARTA on Church St., is a little sliver of a store, but it has a great selection of accessories, cute dresses and classic t-shirts by Alternative Apparel.

Here are just a few items we’ve bought at Rockit:

Squash Blossom Boutique is just across the Decatur Square from Rockit. The store is chocked full of flouncy skirts, jersey dresses, cute accessories and comfy, stylish shoes.

A few of our favorites from Squash Blossom:

Other Decatur boutiques we frequent in Decatur include Vivid, Mingei World Arts, Boogaloos, and Heliotrope – but we’ll save all that for another post.


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  1. BFOC says:

    I’m so glad Boo Radley managed to make his way onto the tourism blog site 🙂

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