Happy Trails To You…

…Southern Literary Trails that is.  Now I know I’m a Decatur native and I write about all things Decatur but sometimes I actually do leave Decatur and when I do, I look for opportunities such as Trailfest 2011.

And if you look close enough, you will see that there are at least three Decatur connections on the Southern Literary Trail including Decatur residents Bill Starr, Lain Shakespeare, and Pearl McHaney – but I am getting ahead of myself.

The Southern Literary Trail connects southern places in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi that inspired great American writers to create classic fiction and plays.  Every two years, the Trail’s organizers host Trailfest, the only tri-state literary festival in the United States with free events, theatrical performances and heritage tours.  

Trailfest 2011 began in February but there are plenty of events in March, April and May.  In Atlanta the partners include the Wrens Nest (executive director Lain Shakespeare), the Margaret Mitchell House, the Georgia Center for the Book (executive director Bill Starr), and the Atlanta History Center with an exhibit featuring Eudora Welty: Exposures & Reflections (special consultant to the exhibit Pearl McHaney).

One event on the trail is located in Decatur.  On Monday, March 28 the Decatur Library welcomes author Anne Trubek talking about her novel “A Skeptic’s Guide to Writers’ Houses” as she shares her journey.  Doors open at 7:15 and admission is free.  The event is sponsored by Trailfest, the Georgia Center for the Book, and The Wren’s Nest.

Organizers of the 2009 Trailfest gather on the porch of The Wrens Nest

…’Til we meet again.

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