Spring is finally here…

Spring is finally here—get out of the house and walk around Decatur and enjoy the arts. Personally, Decatur is best seen by bike or foot–just take an afternoon (or evening) to really get to know the city.

At the Seen Gallery  www.theseengallery.com “Transitions” opened this month featuring artists Chris May, Amelia Netto, and Rose M. Barron  Each artist uses multidisciplinary techniques resulting in a combination of figural and abstract imagery. Chris May creates encaustic paintings incorporating his photography; Amelia Netto combines screen-printing and embroidery in her textile pieces; Rose’s newest body of urbanscapes incorporate traditional photography with slide film, cross processing, and archival digital printing. The Seen Gallery is also offering art classes—go by and ask Bill or Amy for information.

Jill Celeste Gallery is located in the historic and hipster Oakhurst neighborhood.  Recently opened is “On Published Display: Delineation and Color,” a showcase in painting and illustration by Stephen Wayne Clark and Deb Milbrath. Line drawings with splashes of color are paired with classic still-life oil paintings. This show brings together again a political cartoonist and a painter who were once colleagues in the 1980’s world of advertising.

Show closes April 24, 2011. Visit www.palatewinebar.com for directions to the gallery—they have a super patio that overlooks the intersection of East Lake and Oakview—great for a spring afternoon.

Check out the calendar at Homegrown Decatur http://homegrowndecatur.com/ HomeGrown Decatur is a cooperative-style artist’s market providing local artists and craftspeople a venue to showcase their work. Lori and Beth have a great event calendar on their website with their events listed or just pop in their store and ask them–they will treat you like family (in a good way).

Coming in April to the Push Push Theater—PushPush’s artistic exchange program, The Portal Project, has been building relationships with a host of local and global artists over the last five years. This April, artists from China, Canada, Germany, Chicago and right here in Atlanta will gather to work and perform in a full two-week schedule of film, performances and music.

This project is the first step toward a city-wide festival of international partnerships in 2016. The Portal Project events are scheduled April 1-16, 2011 ~ Exact dates and times coming soon so check out their website at www.pushpushtheater.com Push Push also offers some of the best summer theater programs for kids and teens in Atlanta.

CORE (formerly Several Dancers Core) is a professional dance organization that creates, performs, and presents contemporary dance, and is dedicated to opening channels of communication and education between artists and the community. They are located near the plaza in downtown Decatur.


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