To start with, I’m not a skater. But I’ve always been impressed with the maneuvers of the daring young men on skateboards I’ve seen around town, making use of the urban infrastructure. Curbs, steps, ramps, benches, plazas: they’re all open territory for skaters, although often against the wishes of private property owners and government.
At the same time, city parks directors, high schools, and parents wonder how to address the interests of the often hard to serve adolescent community.
Voila, the skate park. McKoy Park in Decatur features a skate park with ramps, pipes and rails and plenty of use. There were about a dozen kids there one weekday afternoon when I visited the park with Cheryl Burnette of Decatur Active Living. Cheryl took the pictures and I tried to do some skate reporting.Q: May we take pictures?
A: Sure.
Q: Do you skate here often?
A: Yeah.
Q: Every day?
A: Yeah.
Q: How long have you been skating?
A: A while.
Q: What do you do when you’re not skating?
A:  (You don’t really want to know the answer we got.)
The skaters were more eloquent with their athleticism and apparent disregard for the laws of gravity. They made me (almost) want to try it out.McKoy Park’s address is 1000 Adams Street. You can skate, or simply enjoy it as a spectator sport. Better yet, endear yourself forever to a visiting kid with a skateboard. It’s one of our city parks, and it’s free.

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2 Responses to Skate!Decatur

  1. Nonie Ravenberg says:

    Love the interview! That cracked me up. Thanks for this, I never thought about spectating at McKoy, but that sounds like a fun idea.

  2. Catherine says:

    I think the fact that you got a mixture of yeahs and sures from a skater – and not just a few head nods – means you were accepted as an outsider 🙂
    I think McKoy skate park is one of the most underrated venues in the city. Glad to know a lot of people were enjoying it the day you visited!

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