Free Live Music: A Decatur Tradition

Davin McCoy and the Coming Attractions (to appear at the Decatur Arts Festival)

Decatur has a long history in supporting live music and May kicks off a month of concerts every Wednesday at noon (Blue Sky Concerts) and Saturday evenings at 7:00 PM (Concerts on the Square) and culminates with 2 days of continuous live music during the Decatur Arts Festival on May 28 and 29.

Venues in Decatur have spawned national acts such as John Mayer, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush of Sugarland, and the Indigo Girls.  We’re always on the lookout for up and coming original artists.  We’ve had Jennifer Nettles perform at the Arts Festival a few years back, just before Sugarland broke on the national scene.  Here’s a link dating back to May of 1987, where the Indigo Girls performed a Concert on the Square in Decatur (You’ll notice, this predates the Community Bandstand and the Square looked quite different back then.)

So who’s appearing in May on the Square?  This link from the Decatur Business Association shows the talent lineup for the Blue Sky Concerts and the Concerts on the Square series.  This link has the lineup for the Decatur Arts Festival, brought to us by the Decatur Arts Alliance.

Could we be looking at the next star in the making?   It’s anyone’s guess as they’re all talented performers.   Maybe it’s von Grey . . . fabulous musicians, great harmonies and original songs.

von Grey will be appearing at the Decatur Arts Festival

Not everybody in the music business makes it to the big time, but who knows?  C’mon out to Decatur and take advantage of these great free events.  A few years from now, you may be able to tell your friends, “ You’re not going to believe this, but I saw them in Decatur at a free concert, before they became famous.”

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6 Responses to Free Live Music: A Decatur Tradition

  1. Parker Cross says:

    I’ll bring my lawn chair to the Arts Festival and position it strategically midway between the stage and the beer tent!

    • JameyG says:

      Sounds like the perfect place to be, PC. I’ll be in DC over Memorial but looks like a great month in Decatur.

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  4. Cheryl Burnette says:

    Love the old video of the concert!

  5. billflad says:

    More news about Decatur based bands. Check out this link to Huffington Post talking about Roxie Watson and our own Lennie Lassiter!

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