Hidden Gem of the Decatur Arts Festival

I love the drama in this photograph by Laurie Coppedge

If you are in Decatur for Memorial Day weekend, you will find it difficult to miss the Decatur Arts Festival. The annual arts extravaganza fills downtown Decatur each year in May. There is a tremendously diverse program scheduled this year, which includes two days of music, hundreds of artists with their creations, two stages with spoken word and comedy performance, a fine arts show, new dance, and the always popular children’s festival. It is almost too much to squeeze into a weekend.

Sometimes with so much to see and to do, we miss some of the smaller gems of these big events. I’d like to highlight one here.

Who wouldn't love these Fred Tate earrings?

Within the grounds of the Artists’ Market, on the south side of the Old Courthouse on the Square, near the music stage, look for a 10’ x 20’ tent with a banner proclaiming Artists Showcase. Inside, you’ll find scores of beautiful and intriguing pieces of all media, generously donated by our exhibiting artists, displayed as a silent auction benefitting the Arts Alliance.

The artists like the showcase because it’s another way to present their work; the Arts Alliance likes it because over the last few years the showcase has raised more than $10,000 for the non-profit. Most of all, browsers at the festival like the showcase because it is the whole event in microcosm, the bidding wars are fun, and your purchase can be treated as a tax deduction! (Always check with your financial advisor.)

Decatur favorite Liz Williams--I covet this.

Keep in mind that while the festival runs throughout the weekend, the Artists’ Showcase is open on Saturday only.

Notes: The images here are of work by by Laurie Coppedge, Fred Tate, and Liz Williams. Many, many outstanding artists have donated work for the silent auction at the Decatur Arts Festival. For a full preview, visit the Decatur Arts Festival Facebook page, look at the photos in their Silent Auction Items 2011 gallery.

See you at the festival. Don’t bid against me, please!

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4 Responses to Hidden Gem of the Decatur Arts Festival

  1. Carol Saba says:

    Good article! I wish I could be in Decatur this weekend–I’d bid on Karen Fincannon’s “Yellow Dog” which looks just like my ‘Sophie.’

  2. Troy says:

    I just wanted to answer your question, “who wouldn’t love these Fred Tate earrings?” A sad mime alone in the woods would not like those Fred Tate earrings.

  3. Catherine says:

    Memorial Day weekend is truly one of my all time favorite weekends in Decatur. What’s better than art and funnel cake?

    I haven’t seen Liz’s new stuff – it’s fantastic!

  4. Nonie Ravenberg says:

    My top 3 reasons why I like the Arts Fest: (1) I usually find something great to add to my Tiki Bar decor, (2) eating out for lunch (one of my favorite things to do anyway) is even more fun with the fun vibe on the Square, and (3) I love art!

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