Decatur’s Mini Scottish Invasion

Decatur and Scotland are probably my two favorite places in the world. So I’m pretty upset that I missed Mac McGee’s celebration of National Scotch Whiskey Day – I didn’t even know that was an officially day! In fact, I didn’t even know about it until I saw these great photos on ATL: A Thrift Life.

A kilt-wearer rocking a more modern look (above) in front of the Church Street entrance to the Decatur MARTA station. See the coins embedded in the pavement by the kilt-wearer’s feet? Those are old MARTA tokens from back in the day (MARTA switched over to paper tickets four years ago).

How great does this guy look standing in front of Mac McGee’s? Sure, it’s not a classic tartan, but who needs that when you have great sock ribbons (I have no idea what they’re called) like those!? Plus, look at all those pleats in his kilt – that is one nice kilt!

Notice anything else about his kilt? If you’re Scotland-obsessed like me you did:

That’s Scotland’s lion rampant flag and it’s printed all over the kilt. Don’t ask me why Scotland has two flags – probably because it’s so great. Decatur should have two flags. The official Scottish flag is blue with a white St. Andrew’s cross on it, which just wouldn’t look as good on a kilt, IMHO.

So there you have it. A wee bit o’Scotland in Decatur. I’ll make sure to attend next year or maybe I’ll just head over to Mac McGee’s this evening and have a glass of whiskey to make up for it. Och aye the noo!

P.S.: On a random sidenote, do any of you locals know about that guy who always walks around town in kilt? I spotted him at Farmburger recently and thought he pulled off the whole wearing-a-kilt-out-of-context really well.

Photos courtesy of ATL: A Thrift Life


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One Response to Decatur’s Mini Scottish Invasion

  1. Ray Bowen says:

    The guy in the Rampant Lion Kilt, is the same guy in Decatur who always wears the kilt. How do I know? Because that’s me! I recently cut off the ponytail because I was tired of it.
    Don’t believe it? Contact the writer of this blog, or Mac McGee’s.
    Ray the Blacksmith

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