What’s a Melchior? Wine and more at the Decatur Wine Festival, November 5th

A crisp fall day. 500 wines to sample. 2500 of your soon to be closest friends. A souvenir glass. What could be better than that?

(this photo from Dave Kell, from his inDecatur blog.)

You wish for more riches? OK. Live music all afternoon. Samples of Decatur’s finest cuisine. Artists.

(this photo from the Decatur/Avondale Patch.)

More? No problem. An Art Walk pre-party. A raffle. The very best part? You can bask in the knowledge you’ve supported an important organization, the Decatur Arts Alliance, in bringing free art to the people year ‘round.

Yes, it’s the 10th Decatur Wine Festival, November 5th, from one o’clock to four o’clock, on the beautiful Decatur square. As of this writing, $35 tickets are still available at Ticket Alternative and at Decatur Package Store. While at Decatur Package, say hi to Herb; he’s the marvelous guy who lines up all these wines for the festival. He also procures the prizes for the raffle, which usually include large format (read: big) bottles, wine accoutrements, and fun souvenirs from the distributors he works with.

Which brings me back to the original question, What is a Melchior? Besides being one of the wise men, a Melchior is a very large bottle of wine.

(I found this great image here.)

18 liters, 24 standard bottles, two cases. Technically, the raffle will not include a Melchior, because Melchior refers specifically to a bottle. And the wine festival’s prize will come in a bag-in-box. So we need a new name for a Melchior-amount of wine in a box. I’m thinking…Aquarium. Yes, an Aquarium of wine will be the grand prize at the raffle.

I’ll need a follow-up post to tell you more about the Art Walk, the bands, the artists, the restaurants, and, of course, the soon to be published wine list. You can plan your strategy. In the meantime, buy your tickets; this event sells out every year. If I don’t win the Aquarium, I hope you do.

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6 Responses to What’s a Melchior? Wine and more at the Decatur Wine Festival, November 5th

  1. James W.G. says:

    Ok, I had to read this for the facebook shout-out. But I do like supporting blogs and the authors that take the time to write them. And learning is just an added bonus. I think a Melchior bottle of chardonnay will be in order for Marisa’s wedding. My own experience with larger bottles of wine comes to the same conclusion as your linked article: they are better.

    As for the Decatur Arts Alliance, what sort of projects will the funds from the Wine Festival support? I ask this because we need to keep an eye on our local pro-Arts organizations. They can be lead astray.(Side note. You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead.) In South Florida, our very own Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs is behind an art travesty described as “insanely ugly and the placenta from a Carnival-Las Vegas lovechild, and it is possible that it will give multiple retirees their first seizure when/if it debuts next spring.”


    • billflad says:

      Hey James, regarding the home run display, I wouldn’t worry about it. When you only have like 384 fans show up for a Marlins game, it’s no biggie 😉

    • maryflad says:

      Thank you for the support, James. And for the link. The stadium installation plan certainly says “Miami” to me. (And Bill, below, has a little mean streak.)
      I’ll do my best to keep the Arts Alliance in check.

    • maryflad says:

      I realize I didn’t really answer your question, James, and it’s a good one. Where does the Decatur Arts Alliance spend the money raised at the Decatur Wine Festival? Their biggest project is the annual Decatur Arts Festival, offering arts events (music, dance, visual, literary) throughout the month of May. It culminates on Memorial Day weekend with two packed days of performances and an extensive artists’ market. All free and open to everyone. There are other, smaller events throughout the year. My favorite is the clothesline show, which gives emerging artists an opportunity to present their work.

  2. Cheryl Burnette says:

    The best little Wine Festival ever- so many wines, so many friends and visitors, great music, nice food and the weather always cooperates. And hey, we are supporting the arts at the same time. Also, proceeds from the raffle go to the Decatur Youth Fund which provides scholarships to low income children to attend summer camps and more. All in all, a great event!

    • maryflad says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Cheryl. Of course the Wine Festival was born from a team of extremely talented and visionary folks.

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