Who sez Decatur’s turning RED on October 22nd?

Is it a political shift to the right? Is a cold war style mole in our midst?

No, not that kind of red. I’m absurdly tongue-tied presenting this great event for a cause so obvious you’ll smack your forehead and say, “D’oh!” And I’m kvelling with pride over the city-wide support from our little town.

The event is Turn Decatur Red. On October 22nd more than forty (!) Decatur businesses will offer special promotions in support of 50 Cents.Period, an organization that asks “What if fifty cents could change the future? For girls in developing countries who miss a week of school each month during menstruation, 50 cents buys a month of sanitary supplies and an uninterrupted education. 50 Cents Period represents a worldwide network of women dedicated to creating more options for girls by providing supplies, facilities and education related to menstruation. The solution is simple; the impact lasts a lifetime.”

Lovely photo from the 50cents.Period website.

Am I right? D’oh!

What strenuous sacrifice must I make to support this important work? Eat a little, drink a little, shop a little. Or better yet, eat, drink and shop a lot, in downtown Decatur on Saturday, October 22nd. Look for restaurants and retailers flying red balloons and offering special sales, promotions and treats, all to support the work of 50 Cents. Period. Follow the red sidewalk arrows or plan your day by using this handy map, showing the amazing breadth of this event. More than forty participating restaurants and retailers, way too many to list here, but several caught my eye.

Alexia Gallery and Worthmore Jewelers are calling my name.

extra pretty from Alexia

Th 17 Steps always has irresistible gifts.

And I’ve been meaning to check out Green Mosaics, looks like I’ll do it Saturday.

look at that bunny from Green Mosaics!

What about restaurants? From No. 246 to King of Pops, look for seventeen participating restaurants and watering holes.

my beloved Farmburger is participating.

Plus, there will be performances, from Conundrums, Core Performance Company, and Crossover Movement Arts.

I’ve got a lot more planning to do to make the most out of all these offers. Details here, so you can plan your day or evening as well, as we Turn Decatur Red.

“The solution is simple; the impact lasts a lifetime.”  Think about that while you are sipping your Cote du Rhone at Cafe Alsace.

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4 Responses to Who sez Decatur’s turning RED on October 22nd?

  1. ph3inbalance says:

    Good job! Thanks for writing this blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Jackie says:

    Who knew turning red would be so pleasant? Shopping at my favorite shops, eating at my favorite eateries, all while supporting a great cause. As Ms. Dolittle would say, “Lov-ver-ly”.

  3. maryflad says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, ph3. Jackie, I agree. I’m just so impressed by the business community’s response.

  4. Ann says:

    Thanks for the post, Mary! Those of us working on the event have been moved and even overwhelmed by the business community’s response. This is a great town! See you all on Saturday!

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