Decatur Wine Festival Strategy

Why do you need a strategy for the Wine Festival on November 5th? Because there is so much to do, see, hear and taste between one and four o’clock, that you’ll want to make the very best use of your time.

Step 1 (mandatory): Buy your tickets. This event sells out in advance every year. You can pick up the $35 ticket from Herb at Decatur Package Store, 1220 Clairemont Road, Decatur, but you might want to call the store first to check on availability. 404-633-5250. Or go through Ticket Alternative and receive yours through your email.

Step 2. Review the list of wines to be poured. With almost 500 wines being served, many people attend with a specific objective, like finding the perfect wine to serve for Thanksgiving, or bottles for your Christmas gift list, or trying new blends or unfamiliar varietals. You can find the list here. The asterisks indicate the “must try” selections for each table; they are akin to “Herb’s Choice” if you are used to shopping at his store.

Step 3. Don’t forget to eat. Trust me, wine festival works better on a full stomach, so get downtown a little early, have a leisurely lunch or brunch, then head over to the square at one o’clock. But save a little room for the dozen Decatur restaurants who’ll be serving samples of their cuisine during the festival. The brand new Harbor Bar and Fish House (oysters, maybe?) is participating, LEONs Full Service is attending for the first time, and Pine Street Market (fingers crossed that they bring their bacon) is coming with their delicious charcuterie. The full list of participating restaurants is here.

Step 4. Don’t miss the raffle. (I love a good raffle.) While all the wine, food, music and the souvenir glass are included in your ticket price, you’ll want to spring for a few raffle tickets at the event. The raffle benefits the Decatur Youth Fund, which grants scholarships for camps and youth sports in the City of Decatur. Lots of great prizes including several large format bottles and wine paraphernalia.

I used this image a couple of posts ago but I like it so much I’m using it again.


Step 5. Plan your exit strategy. I am hoping to wrap up the afternoon with a few sips of prosecco and a nosh from Sweet n’ Sinful. After that, a call to a designated driver, a taxi, or maybe Decatur’s Easy Living Pedicabs. Should be a sweet ending to a sweet afternoon.

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3 Responses to Decatur Wine Festival Strategy

  1. Carol says:

    Wow, your wine festival sells out? What a great city! And this blog is an enjoyable read–I’m bookmarking it.

  2. maryflad says:

    Hi Carol, Oh yes! Sells out every year. Thinks for the kind words about the blog. We have a fun team of contributors.

  3. Jackie says:

    Now that’s a plan! Thanks, Mary.

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