Pizza Ovens are Hot

One of the hottest trends today in dining is Neapolitan-style pizza — made in a very hot, wood burning pizza oven. A recent article appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution entitled “Decatur – A Town to Dine for.” One of the interesting things mentioned in that article was that out of the three Acunto pizza ovens in Atlanta, there are two here in Decatur — one at SAPORI DI NAPOLI and one at NO. 246. The article touted the dining scene here inDecatur and gave many of our city’s restaurants the recognition they deserve.


However, there was one wood burning pizza oven in town that the article failed to mention. The wood burning oven at FEAST RESTAURANT is the first and oldest wood burning pizza oven in town.  The oven is completely wood burning – no gas kicker. Feast owner, Teri Rogers opened the restaurant in 2005 and had this pizza oven custom built by Woodstone Ovens. The oven will get up to 1100 degrees F, but they usually run it at 800 or 900 degrees. This oven is not an Italian “Acunto”, but it turns out some great pizza – quickly. There are four pizza combinations to choose from at Feast.  A few evenings ago we ordered the Duck Confit pizza. It is my favorite pizza taste in town. Besides being loaded with succulent morsels of duck confit, the interesting combination includes pesto, fontina cheese, dried cherries, piquillo peppers, caramelized onions, and sage.  There are also some traditional tastes available such as the Margherita pizza and the sausage pizza.

 On a cold night, my favorite seat in town is sitting at the FEAST bar, on the swivel stool directly in front of the wood burning oven. The proximity of that stool to the oven makes it a warm and cozy spot — and you get dinner with a show. I think it is fascinating to watch chef Richard Velaquez cook the various dishes in that wood burning oven — not only pizza, but the plank salmon, steaks, and a variety of other items. The smells are divine and the foods look charred and delicious as they are pulled from the inferno. Another advantage of that bar seat is the show the bartenders put on – shaking, and mixing, and pouring. The bartenders are always attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly. As a matter of fact, the entire restaurant is warm, comfortable, and friendly with interesting and great tasting food.


About mickeybaskett

It wouldn’t be prudent to disclose the number of years Mickey Baskett has been writing, editing, and producing art, craft, and lifestyle do-it-yourself books -- just know that she was intimately involved with Mac-rame in the day. The beginning of her love affair with food started when she was nine years old and manifested itself in the form of a casserole. Her published cookbook, Gourmet Garnishes, is proof of that long and loving relationship. The constantly evolving food scene in Decatur is fodder for her musings.
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  1. Pilon says:

    Hi .. i see you have a great post ! i hope you could make another one like this .. keep posting then How to build a pizza oven .

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