Miracle on East Court Square?

In 2009, Krista Gilliam of Little Shop of Stories had a simple wish: to restore the Decatur tradition of a town Christmas tree for all to enjoy. Various grinches discouraged her, advising her that it was too much work, too much bother, too costly. “How hard can this be?” she wondered.

Ask her that question today and she’ll tell you, “Way more complicated than I ever dreamed but totally worth it.” In fact, Krista told me that without the support of the Decatur business community it never would have happened at all.

Think about transporting that behemoth. Or climbing to the tippy top to place the star. Or getting it from the ground to the roof and securing it into its stand. And where does one find a stand for something that size? The answers to these logistical questions involve a custom-made 500 lb. tree stand, a giant crane, two 20’ scissor lifts, the hard-working team from Little Shop of Stories, and a lot of faith.

The 2010 tree settling into place with the help of a giant crane. Photo from Decatur Metro via the LSOS blog.

For the rest of us, it’s all just magic. (But if you prefer the behind-the-scenes version, here’s Krista’s photo essay from the 2009.)

On Thursday, December 1st, at seven o’clock, Krista will oversee the illumination of the Decatur Christmas Tree for its third year. And there will be hot chocolate, sweet treats, and carols from the Voice of Fifth Avenue, the choir of the the 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue.

Check out all these lovely sponsors. What a great response!

Krista rallied the help of scores of sponsors from the Decatur community and beyond. Their cash, labor, gifts and cheerful support will place the splendid, twenty-seven foot tree atop Little Shop of Stories.

Maybe, if we’ve all been good this year, there will also be a visit from a man in a red suit.

2010 tree with celebrity visitor. Photo from Next Stop Decatur via the LSOS blog.

And even if Mr. Claus fails to appear, we have our very own Krista Kringle helping to keep all our days merry and bright.

P.S. Here’s a list of the businesses and organizations whose support will get the splendid tree up onto the roof. Many thanks to all of them. What a great town!

Apolinsky & Associates, Atlanta Peach Movers, The Bakery at Cakes & Ale, Cafe Alsace, The Cookie Studio, The Cook’s Warehouse, Decatur Downtown Development Authority, Erbert and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop, Fidelity Bank, Greene’s Fine Foods, Harry Norman Realtors, Homegrown, King Tree Experts, Leon’s Full Service, Little Shop of Stories, McCurdy & Candler, LLC, Mingei World Arts, Mudhouse Design, My Own Bookkeeper, Joan Rau, LMT, Sherlock’s Wine Merchant, Squash Blossom, Starbucks Coffee, Townsend Concrete Services, Veritas Planning Group, and Wild Oats & Billy Goats.

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4 Responses to Miracle on East Court Square?

  1. Carol says:

    How cool! I wish our city Fort Lauderdale had its own tree for the holidays. Decatur has a wonderful SPIRIT!

  2. maryflad says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Carol. Your town has a tradition ours is not likely ever to have: the Christmas Boat Parade. I still miss that event.

  3. Pingback: Newsflash: The Tree is Going Up! | Decatur Squared

  4. maryflad says:

    Excellent pix of the tree going up from Decatur Squared.

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