Sneak Peek at Decatur’s Courtyard By Marriott

I got the chance to take a tour of the former Holiday Inn that is in the process of becoming a Courtyard By Marriott in downtown Decatur. The building is undergoing a 4-month renovation and is set to reopen in February.

The space is basically getting an intense face lift. It already looks completely different and the contractors are just getting started on the interior decor.

For those of you who remember the Holiday Inn, take a look how different the lobby/atrium looks totally gutted with a coat of white paint:

Now imagine instead of the ladder and giant machinery in the background, wood finishes, plush carpet and indirect lighting.

Here are some more views of the main lobby:

The check-in area is in the same spot, but it will have three separate desks as oppose to one long counter:

Instead of a breakfast bar area, this space will house a fully stocked bar and a Starbucks counter:

Let’s move over to the conference center. The wallpaper and carpet have been completely removed. The walls are now covered in a textured, off-white wallpaper that I wasn’t able to capture with my phone camera:

The main ballroom is currently the staging/storage area for all of the hotel bedroom furniture:

We were able peek in the rooms that had some of the furniture installed and a finished accent wall (minus the artwork).

These are queen-size mattresses, not doubles. Oh-la-la:

One of the interior rooms with a King-size bed:

And on the opposite wall from the bed(s):

Each room will have a flat screen TV and a mini fridge.

It’s hard to image that everything will be complete in just a few months, but it’s also impressive how far along everything is.

Check out the renovation renderings on the hotel website to get a better idea of what the interiors will look like when everything is done.


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2 Responses to Sneak Peek at Decatur’s Courtyard By Marriott

  1. Carol says:

    Great post! This is my ”go to” hotel when I’m in Decatur so it’s exciting to see what’s coming up.

  2. Linda says:

    That’s great Carol – you will love the new look!

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