Tuesday Music in Decatur

Tuesday night, not usually thought of as the liveliest night of the week. However, a few days ago I read an entertaining post on our neighborhood’s favorite local blog, Decatur Metro.

Blogger Alison reported on Decatur’s music scene, and particularly on what’s offered nearby on Tuesdays.

Three venues, all within a half-mile of one another around the square, are now hosting lively sessions on Tuesday nights. At these places you can find some of the best musical talent Atlanta has to offer. It’s well worth taking one night to explore all three, or to spread the joy over three weeks. Who knows? You might even find yourself setting aside your Tuesday evenings to walk up to the square and hear some music in a relaxed, comfortable setting. None of these are “open jams” or “open mics;” each promises — or even exceeds — performances that you would hear on a professional stage.

She goes on to describe Twain’s Jazz Jam, The Marlay House Celtic Jam, and Java Monkey’s Tuesday Night String Club. You can find Alison’s entire Decatur Metro post here.


In the meantime, I received a newsletter from Eddie’s Attic, with more Tuesday night excitement.

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with Atlanta’s Alliance Theater for Darkland County Tuesdays @ Eddie’s Attic.

The Alliance Theatre’s upcoming production Ghost Brothers of Darkland County features a blues and roots tinged score with music and lyrics by John Mellencamp and book by Stephen King. To accomplish what has been described as a “ghost story/rock concert mashup,” the actors in the cast must be true musicians. Eddie’s Attic is excited to partner with the Alliance Theatre to bring these talented actor/musician hybrids to our stage. Our audience has the opportunity to see them at Eddie’s in the weeks leading up to the premiere of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County at the Alliance on April 4.

Now that sounds exciting as well. The Darkland County Tuesdays at Eddie’s begin February 28 and continue through March 27.

No excuse for feeling glum if it’s a Tuesday and Friday night seems as distant as the payoff on a thirty year mortgage; there’s great music and welcoming listening rooms waiting for you. See you there.

(Full disclosure: that simile about Friday seeming as far away as your final mortgage? I read it somewhere years ago. I thought it was funny then and still think so now. I would attribute it if I could.)

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4 Responses to Tuesday Music in Decatur

  1. mrssaba says:

    Sounds awesome. Are you trying to get us to move to Decatur;-) ?

  2. AMM says:

    Sounds like a great plan…thanks.

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