Photos of the New Courtyard by Marriott in Decatur

The Courtyard by Marriott (formerly Decatur’s Holiday Inn) has been open for a week and I finally got the chance to explore it today. Do you remember when I posted the construction photos (scroll back a few posts)? I wrote that the place was already looking better, well now it looks amazing. These photos don’t really do it justice. I suggest stopping by and seeing if for yourself. A group of us just walked over today and one of the hotel employees was nice enough to give us a tour.

The Lobby
Much brighter, sleeker and overall better use of space than the Holiday Inn. Even with the atrium-look, it has a cozy feel. It feels almost like you’re in your living room – if your living room had been recently renovated with contemporary touches like shiny surfaces, dark wood, and modern light fixtures.

The check-in area. The mega-desk was replaced with three individual stalls:

24 hour market with essentials like candy bars and wine:

A little seating vignette by the front door:

A birds eye view of the lobby:

The lobby bar and bistro:

Booths with individual TV screens at the back of the lobby:

Two seating areas (foreground and background):

Boarding pass printing area with another seating area behind it:

Huge light boxes were added near the elevators along the back wall of the lobby:

We toured one king bedroom and one with two queens.

Check out the artwork:

Here’s a closer look – it’s Agnes Scott! The two rooms we looked at had this same piece:

Here’s another Decatur-related piece of art (it’s Java Monkey and Mingei World Arts on Church St.):

We also walked through the conference center. The new flooring, wallpaper and paint has totally transformed it:

And have no fear, the pool is still there and looking better than ever:

So there you have it. A (almost) brand spanking new hotel! I live about 5 minutes away from the hotel and I’m already trying to think of a excuse to stay here. Or maybe the next time I have guests come into town, I’ll have them stay at my place and I’ll book a room at the Courtyard.

For more information, visit

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4 Responses to Photos of the New Courtyard by Marriott in Decatur

  1. maryflad says:

    Blue carpet? Gold pillows? Go, Bulldogs!

  2. Catherine says:

    Nice catch Mary!

  3. Ann says:

    Hail, West Virginia!

    ~Joe Davich

  4. Micki Whitfield says:

    Thanks, MJ. I’m

    thinking of checking in and staying til the Roundup is over.

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