The annual Decatur Book Festival is only a few weeks away. Type Rider is one of our expected guests. What? You haven’t heard of this literary super-hero? Type Rider is biking across North America, luring the unsuspecting passers-by into contributing to a literary …ummm…thing!

Picture this: you are strolling the sidewalk and you encounter a card table with a typewriter on top. Someone encourages you to type something.

What do you type?

Really, now, think about it. What do you type on that white sheet of paper?

I can hardly wait to see.


Here’s a great article about Type Rider from the Times.

And here’s another from the NEA Big Read:

And here’s a link to Type Rider’s blog:

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3 Responses to TYPE RIDER (cue the Valkyries)

  1. papayamaya says:

    I am so looking forward to bringing this experience to the Decatur Book Festival!

  2. mrssaba says:

    If I can make it there I will most definitely stop and type. Kudos to Type Rider for her project. (& to you Decaturites for introducing us!)

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