Sq/Ft Opens on the Decatur Square

Words can’t express how excited I’ve been about the opening of Sq/Ft next to the Cakes and Ale Bakery on the Square. A shoe store owned and operated by the Squash Blossom crew? Hurrah!!!


While the focus is on shoes, there’s plenty of other goodies including men and women’s clothing, accessories and a handful of home furnishings.



You can fill up a whole Pinterest board with decorating ideas from the shop.

Decor details: exposed brick, band posters, modge-podged postcards and photos, wall murals, metal faucet handles, vintage carts, pulleys, yardsticks, homemade lamps, fabric banners, rustic ladders.


Shoes brands include Frye, Puma, Jeffrey Campbell, Crocs (not in clog form), Dolce Vita and OTBT.

Here’s some shoe porn for you:


Depending on whether or not your a shoe person or a crafter, you will notice one of two things in the photo below:

1. Those Jeffrey Campbell cross-straps are amazing!!!


2. How cool are those old postcards on the counter surface?!?!



A typical iPhone self-portrait. Really I was trying to show off how great the dressing room are:



Multiple options of Blank Denim (my favorite jeans brand):



This post would not be complete without a shot of the shop dogs (you can’t tell in the photos, but the one on the left is about a 1/16 the size of the one on the right):



My apologies for not having more images of the accessories and men’s clothing. You can either take my word for it that those items are equally as fantastic as the women’s shoes, or come out for a visit yourself!

For more info, check out Sq/Ft’s Facebook page here.

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One Response to Sq/Ft Opens on the Decatur Square

  1. Ooo I so wish I were back in Decatur so I could hop in this second. I’ll have to stop in come December! I love how creative they’ve been with the decor. The Squash Blossom crew always do it right!

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