Decatur Pics

Surfing the internet (when I should have been working) I found a local blog that I liked. DecaturPics is chock full of intriguing images of our little town. Like this one of an unidentified bride and groom crossing the Courthouse Square, in front of Mac McGee’s.


Or this one, a picture of the “decorated” tunnel that runs under the railroad tracks toward Agnes Scott College.


The blogger/photographer is Mike Fink, a Decatur resident, who writes that photography is his hobby. He shoots whatever he finds interesting while walking in and around town.

I have never noticed this flour de lis before, although Mike writes that it’s right on Ponce de Leon near Terra Mater Salon. I’ll have to look for it.


And I was happy to find that he also admires this bas relief (is that the phrase?) on the building that houses Little Shop of Stories and Vivid Boutique.


I am happy that Mike is documenting these scenes. He’s got pages of them, go take a look. They remind me to look around when I’m walking and also that things change when we are not looking. One more  and then I’ll go. This one of the windows at the Presbyterian Church. Nice, don’t you think?


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One Response to Decatur Pics

  1. Ralph Ellis says:

    Beautiful stuff!

    I’d never seen this site before. Thanks for pointing this out to me.


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