More Reasons to Celebrate for Decatur Restaurants



Greek mandolin serenades the birthday celebreation at Cafe Lily


Bar at Kimball House

It seems like Decatur just can’t stop getting high marks for being a great city. Recently the American Planning Association awarded Decatur one of the “Top Ten Neighborhoods in the Country.” They found out we were one of the ten best places in the country to live because of our sustainability, walkability, schools, businesses, long range successful city planning, among other attributes — all of the things we locals know and love about our great town.

 Then just as we are still in the afterglow of that award, the Atlanta Journal Constitution comes out with their “2013 Fall Dining Guide” where they touted the four top neighborhoods for great restaurants. Decatur was at the top of the list with Duluth, Roswell, and the Westside – – our restaurants on par with revered restaurants such as Bacchanalia and JCT Kitchen.

 A big part of our success has to do with committed business owners who have become a part of our community and contributed to our success. We have many restaurants that have been with us for more than 10 years – and they have grown and prospered along with the city. One of those restaurants is CAFÉ LILY. Amid toasts of congratulations from loyal regulars with the melodic music of a Greek mandolin in the background, in grand style Café Lily recently celebrated 14 years of being a part of Decatur’s vibrant restaurant community. Owners, Bette Pitillo and son, Chef Anthony Pitillo provided a Greek band for the evening’s festivities. They started off the dancing and it wasn’t long before guests were on the dance floor with them. Chef Anthony showed off some high stepping while onlookers crashed plates to the floor and shouted “opah”.  Happy Birthday Café Lily and thank you for being a part of our great city.

 Kimball House at the old Decatur train depot has opened to rave reviews. It is a beautiful space with a lovely inviting bar and acclaimed mixologist, Miles MacQuarrie, as one of the partners in the endeavor. The guys from super-successful Brick Store Pub and Leon’s Full Service also have a hand in the establishment. Try one of the specialty cocktails and an order of Parmesan cheese straws and you will be very happy.



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It wouldn’t be prudent to disclose the number of years Mickey Baskett has been writing, editing, and producing art, craft, and lifestyle do-it-yourself books -- just know that she was intimately involved with Mac-rame in the day. The beginning of her love affair with food started when she was nine years old and manifested itself in the form of a casserole. Her published cookbook, Gourmet Garnishes, is proof of that long and loving relationship. The constantly evolving food scene in Decatur is fodder for her musings.
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