Decatur’s Kitchen Garden Dinner Party: A Fundraiser

rabbit paella photo

Guests to a recent Decatur fundraiser came from as far as Indonesia as well as an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Other guests included Decatur residents who have a passion for good food and good community. The “Dinner Party” was a fundraiser organized by Global Grower’s Network to support “Decatur’s Kitchen Garden” which is a garden and gathering place for 35 families from various war-torn countries who cultivate and harvest a bounty of fresh produce while learning how they can contribute their wealth of good food expertise to Decatur’s vibrant community.

This was the second year for this culinary event that showcases Decatur’s food community. It brought together the growers, benevolent meat producers, extraordinary Decatur chefs, and people who love food, fun, and contributing to community life. Not only did the guests of this dinner get rewarded with an outstanding menu of fresh and deftly prepared food, but they had the satisfaction of knowing they were helping fund teaching programs and tools for the farmers. The setting for the party was the historic Decatur Cemetery, the oldest municipal cemetery in the Atlanta area.

Now on to the food. Gathering with cocktails and passed appetizers from Avondale’s Pin Street Market and Sweet N Sinful Bakery set the scene for the bounty of fine food to come. Eleven of Decatur’s restaurants each prepared platters of food for the tables. Restaurant No. 246 started off the feast with summer melon salad, while Twain’s chicken ballotine with pickled okra had just the right notes to spark the appetite. Course 2 revved up the taste buds with Chai Pani’s okra masala and Farm Burger’s pork cheeks with pepper jelly. The next course featured rabbit – with Iberian Pig’s rabbit liver and bacon mousse enhanced with picked shallots on rustic bread; and Sawicki’s paella with a confit of rabbit saddle. With your appetite now in high gear you were presented with Brick Store’s crispy pork belly, roasted butternut squash and warm sweet potato greens; and Steinbeck’s pork belly fried rice with smoked eggplant and poached eggs. As you were to the point of satiation, chicken presse by Kimball House and mushroom spaetzle by Leon’s Full Service were presented as the last course. Since there is always room for dessert, no one could pass up the profiteroles filled with muscadine jelly prepared by Cakes & Ale.

Be on the lookout Fall of 2015 for another one of these fabulous gourmet dinners that help give back to the community as well as promote awareness of the importance of fresh and wholesome food.


About mickeybaskett

It wouldn’t be prudent to disclose the number of years Mickey Baskett has been writing, editing, and producing art, craft, and lifestyle do-it-yourself books -- just know that she was intimately involved with Mac-rame in the day. The beginning of her love affair with food started when she was nine years old and manifested itself in the form of a casserole. Her published cookbook, Gourmet Garnishes, is proof of that long and loving relationship. The constantly evolving food scene in Decatur is fodder for her musings.
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