Different Trains: new gallery opens


We heard this exciting news from the Decatur Arts Alliance:

An art gallery with a difference has opened its doors in Decatur. The Different Trains Gallery, the brainchild of art lovers Sarah Garvin and Shawn Vinson, launched during the Decatur ArtWalk. Different Trains, located near the railway track on East Howard Avenue, will show paintings, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, and photography, among other art forms. Some of the local and international artists scheduled so far include Eben Dunn, Ruth Franklin, Masako Kelly, Cynthia Knapp, Flora Rosefsky, Mark Sandlin, Marek Tobolewski and Kosmo Vinyl.

“I call it uncommon common sense. You have a wonderful setting with two or three- dimensional art, you draw people in for the experience, and there’s this neighborhood feel to it – that’s a wonderful thing,” said Garvin, a longtime collector who began buying pieces of art while still in college.


Plans call for pop-up dinners, wine tastings, artist talks, and live music events several times a year. “We want to mix it up. These are going to be happenings, to use an old-fashioned term,” Garvin said. Exhibitions of works by Jon Eric Riis and Toshi Yoshida are also coming up.

Garvin and Vinson have a combined 60 years of experience in the art world, and Different Trains represents the culmination of their endeavors. “Shawn and I have spent a lifetime connected with the arts, and we’ve managed to accumulate this rather vast network of wonderful talent,” Garvin added. “Now they have a place to come and talk about their work. Throw in music, food and wine, how can you go wrong?”

Garvin was an art history major at Tulane University and spent many years in the corporate world before returning to her art roots. Vinson was a founder of the Decatur ArtWalk and ran The Vinson Gallery from 1998 until 2008. British artist Ruth Franklin, Vinson’s wife, said, “I’ve always felt that art should be accessible and inclusive, not exclusive; that’s the whole point. Approachability is important.”

WHAT: New art gallery Different Trains open in Decatur

WHERE: 432 East Howard Avenue, # 24, Decatur, Georgia 30030

WHEN: Check facebook for summer hours

(Thank you, Kevin Madigan, a local journalist and friend of the gallery for this information.)
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