We’ve got a Secret



About thirty secrets, actually. Secret doors, that is.

These little charmers are hidden in plain sight all over town, from Thinking Man Tavern to the Glenlake Pool. They have been well-received by Visitor Center guests, especially the small ones.



Larry Holland, one of our favorite artists, coordinated this installation with support from the Decatur Arts Alliance. Within the next few months he will be adding more and refurbishing some of the originals.




Look for them as you explore Decatur from the Wylde Center to Color Wheel Studios. For a complete list of doors and the local artists who created them visit Secret Doors Decatur.




Good hunting!


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3 Responses to We’ve got a Secret

  1. James Govin says:

    I love these cute doors. I hope my parents got the chance to see one when they were in Decatur. If not, am excuse to go back!

  2. scooj says:

    What a lovely project.

  3. mrssaba says:

    I like them, too. I would love to stumble across one on a daily walk. Maybe a leprechaun would appear next!

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